Monday, November 17, 2008

Adding Some Cuteness

I have been busy crafting away lately! Here is a hand-embroidered vintage pillowcase dress. I have a ton of old embroidered and other neat vintage pillowcases that I need to get sew up into dresses. Ruby Kate can only wear so many, so if you are interested let me know! Prices will range from $20-$25

Also, I blinged out these converse tennis shoes! I have been seeing it done and finally made up a pair for little miss! I am thinking about making some for myself too! Bring me your kid's shoes and I can bling them up for $10!

Hairbow mania! I love making hairbows. Ruby Kate loves them too! The other day at the doctor's office she was occupying her time in the waiting room by digging through her diaper bag pulling out "huhbos" and insisting on putting them all in her hair. By the time they called her name she had a rainbow afro of "huhbos"!

Hairbows $5 each.

And since we have an over abundance of hairbows, it is a good thing that I have all of these cute hairbow holders to put them on! These are so cute and hold tons of bows! I can make them in any color combination. They will be available at Kidly Toes in Jonesboro or Room to Grow in Paragould, but of course you get them cheaper by getting them here! They sell for $15 for the large (16x20) and $12 for the small (8x11)

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